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Laura Mabikafola

Director of Helm Coaching & Consulting

With 22 years in the people industry (organisational development, HR and recruitment), Laura has added insight to her passion in working with leaders and businesses. Managing and leading local firms through to being part of global leadership teams, Laura has worked with entrepreneurs, SME's, large corporates and ASX listed organisations.

Laura has built her reputation in: connecting talented people; executive coaching; real-time and future focused leadership; business start-ups; successful business transformation; identifying creative solutions to people and market challenges; recognising and optimising quality talent; providing insights and an understanding of current and future market trends, and understanding people's true motivators. Laura has been a coach throughout her career, though more formally since 2011, having coached business owners of SME's to CEO's across a range of industry sectors.

Her roles as Director, Managing Director and General Manager have included: strategic business planning; business expansion; building successful teams through establishing strong relationships; networking; seeing the possibilities and the unknown factors; people sourcing - recruitment and retention; leadership and people development. Essentially her career has been all about people and organisational growth, demonstrating flexibility, determination and insight when managing complex situations and driving innovation in challenging markets.

In 2015, understanding the massive shift in the business and socio economic environment, Laura took the opportunity to launch Helm Coaching and Consulting. Recognising that the need to support, equip and propel leaders in this market is not only critical to achieving success but also in order to thrive - survival is not enough.

Commencing with Morgan and Banks in 1997, Laura honed her recruitment and leadership skills and was involved in leading a major business transformation which resulted in an unproductive, unprofitable business becoming a key profit centre of the firm. Leaving her 2IC role in 2003, Laura took the leap to establish, lead and manage Talent2 as General Manager SA where she stayed for 8 years. Driven by a passion for seeing leaders reach their potential, Laura then became the National General Manager of a company specialising in networking, business and executive coaching/mentoring and helping women to secure more Board positions.

Drawn to the blended recruitment and organisational development offering, Laura joined Locher and Associates as Managing Director from 2012 to 2015. It is this role with Locher that provided Laura with a platform to drive value through the ASX listed parent company. Laura strategised and managed the merger of another company within the Group into Locher, to create an Asia Pacific focus for organisational development. This then included opening two new green field sites to grow the offering, whilst still building the recruitment business and forming part of the Group's leadership team.

In her role as General Manager with Talent2, Laura was awarded the inaugural Global Outstanding Leader Award by Geoff Morgan and Andrew Banks in 2010.

Laura was a finalist in the 2009 and 2013 Telstra Business Women's Awards and served as a Director of the Board for the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RCSA) for Australia and New Zealand from 2009 to 2011. Laura gained a Professional Diploma in Human Resource Management with Monash University and in recognition of her studies, she was awarded 2006 Student of the Year for Australia and New Zealand by the RCSA. In support of the industry, Laura continued to serve on the RCSA Council for South Australia from 2012 to 2015.

To benefit from the insights gained through Laura's career, contact her by email or phone on +61 412 570 733.