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Insights through Connectivity

According to leading organisational psychologists, we value what we discover more than what we are taught. We know this to be true, therefore, facilitating 'discovery' opportunities without having to learn every leadership lesson through trial and error, is worth it's weight in gold.

A discovery based model allows individuals to accelerate as leaders. This is only enabled through connecting with other leaders in an open and trusted environment with skilled facilitation.

This is a new and leading edge focus on learning based on sharing insights with a community of leaders.

Leaders can express an interest in being part of a Helm Leadership Connection and will then be interviewed and matched to the right leadership community. This is done in order to deliver the maximum return for all participants and to ensure no competing industry sectors or conflicts exist. Technology enabled and respecting time pressures, leaders may cross geographies and each community will constitute a range of different businesses in order to create a trusted environment from which to learn and to thrive.

This unique offering is highly suited to leaders who thrive on gaining insights, building strong and trusted connections with like leaders and who can contribute to their own and others learning.

Leaders will gain more than they expect through the Helm Leadership Connection. To find out more or to enquire about becoming a member, please contact Laura Mabikafola, by email or phone on +61 412 570 733.


Coaching in itself isn't new. Elite athletes grasp the importance of this - the need to utilise a coach to help build strengths, discover the blind spots, work on the unknown factors, be better than the competition and develop a strategy to get to their ultimate goal. Yet leaders rarely take the same approach to business and the community. They are so busy managing and dealing with real-time challenges, that they don't take time to work on themselves.

Leaders are worthy of investing in. Considering the conditions businesses are facing, the decisions that need to be made and the massive return that it brings, can an organisation afford not to invest in it's Captain?

Helm Coaching & Consulting focus on three core areas - the Captain, the Course and the Ship. This will help to clarify what can be achieved. These structured coaching sessions are designed to get clear outcomes. There may also be circumstances that leaders are facing right now that need immediate attention. Helm help with real-time challenges and leading through change, tackling the internal and external environmental factors.

For a confidential discussion, please contact Laura to discuss coaching options. The introductory session will gain an understanding of you, what you want to focus on and achieve (we can also help you discover this) and the structure of the coaching sessions.

Learning & Development

Not your standard learning programme. Helm Coaching & Consulting have identified key areas for leaders, based on experience and insight, that are essential though 'out of the box'. This learning programme can be run over a 3, 6 or 12 month period and can be conducted in one-on-one's, group sessions face-to-face or online.

Helm work with you to identify the key areas the leader and the organisation want/need to focus on. This is then discussed and a tailored programme is mapped out with a key focus on learning, not just training.

To discuss the range of topics covered or for a confidential discussion on what a tailored programme could look like, please contact Laura Mabikafola, by email or phone on +61 412 570 733.