Rolling ocean wave

Who we are

Leaders are at the helm of their ship, directing it's course and navigating through all conditions in order to arrive at the destination.

Out of a growing need to support, encourage, equip and propel the Captains of this world, Helm Coaching and Consulting has been birthed. This is for all leaders. Whether you are leading a major organisation, managing a team, starting out as an entrepreneur or leading a function, you are the Captain of your ship.

Is the ship in good condition?
Do you know how to reach the destination?
How much time do you spend at the helm, leading the direction?
How much have the conditions affected you?
What are the unknown factors?

The challenges facing leaders are significant, though with increasing pressures on us and our businesses, we rarely allow ourselves time at the Helm to stop and reflect, clarify our purpose, confirm we are on track, recalibrate the course, ensure we have the resources and people we need and gain perspective.

Helm Coaching and Consulting has 3 core areas to support leaders:

  • one-to-one coaching
  • learning and development
  • insights through connectivity

To express your interest in being a part of a Helm Leadership Connection or to discuss whether coaching is right for you, please contact the Director, Laura Mabikafola, by email or phone on +61 412 570 733.